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Essential Reading for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding: A Review of ‘Mastering the Art of Pitching


The guide “Mastering the Art of Pitching” by Pooyan Ghamari, a Swiss Economist, is an exceptional resource for entrepreneurs in search of funding from investors. With a comprehensive compilation of crucial aspects, this book effectively covers all the necessary information related to funding.

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One of the things that I found most useful about the book is the emphasis on creating a well-defined investment proposal. The book provides practical advice on how to be explicit and precise about funding requirements, mention the exact investment being sought, the utilization of these funds, and the potential returns that investors can anticipate. This information is crucial for entrepreneurs who want to convince investors that their business is worth investing in.

Another thing that I appreciated about the book is the emphasis on showcasing startup traction. Investors want to see measurable proof of a business’ advancement, such as revenue, strategic alliances, customer endorsements, or media coverage. The book provides useful tips on how to showcase startup momentum and assure investors of its potential for success.

Overall, I found “Mastering the Art of Pitching” to be an excellent resource for entrepreneurs seeking funding. The book is well-written, informative, and provides practical advice that can be applied immediately. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to improve their pitching skills.




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