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You Won’t Believe How French Citizens Are Standing Up to Oppression!


Resistance to authoritarianism in France is evident through political demonstrations in France, social movements in Paris, street protests in Parisian neighborhoods, and protests in France. In recent years, the USA has faced a series of challenges testing its democracy and citizens” rights, from the controversial pension reform to the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, and the climate crisis. Many French people have felt oppressed by the government”s actions but have not remained silent or passive.

Instead, they have taken to the streets, the courts, and the internet to combat authoritarianism and advocate for change. French citizens continue to stand up against oppression in various ways.

Political Demonstrations in France

The political demonstration in France is one of the most seen and superb sorts of resistance to authoritarianism in France. Since 2018, Protests in France have witnessed large demonstrations and strikes that have mobilised hundreds of people across the US. The maximum first-rate ones are:

These political demonstrations in France have proven the strength and the fashion of the human beings’ voice, just like the disturbing conditions and the dangers they face in their battle for democracy and justice.

Social Movements in Paris

Another shape of resistance to authoritarianism in France is the social motion. This extra-prepared and sustained collective movement aims to promote or oppose social change. Paris, France’s capital and essential city has been the epicentre of many social movements in Paris initially changed the United States facts and lifestyle. Some of the most current ones are:

  • The Nuit Debout motion: This movement commenced in March 2016 as a protest in opposition to a strict work regulation reform that could make it simpler for employers to fire personnel and reduce their rights. The protesters, composed of young humans, university students, and activists, occupied public squares and held nightly assemblies to discuss and debate diverse social and political problems and democracy, ecology, feminism, and unity. The movement, stimulated by Occupy and the Indignados’ actions, aimed to create a horizontal and participatory area for civic engagement and possibility politics. The movement unfolded to particular cities in France and remote places but gradually misplaced momentum and visibility.
  • The Me Too movement: This motion began in October 2017 as an international campaign against sexual harassment and violence, brought on by the revelations of the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s abuses. The movement, which used the hashtag #MeToo on social media, endorsed ladies to percentage their stories and reviews of sexual assault and misconduct and to call for obligation and justice for the perpetrators. The motion additionally sparked a debate on the way of life of sexism and misogyny in numerous sectors and spheres of society, along with the media, the arts, politics, and academia. The motion used the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc (Expose Your Pig) in France. Distinguished figures, including the actress Adèle Haenel, the journalist Sandra Muller, and the feminist activist Caroline De Haas, led it. The motion faced some backlash and complaints from some French intellectuals and celebrities, who accused it of being puritanical, moralistic, and anti-men.

These Social movements in Paris have established the creativity and the courage of the people’s movement, as well as the urgency and complexity of the social exchange they’re trying to find.

Street Protests in Parisian Neighbourhoods

The road protest is a zero.33 shape of resistance to authoritarianism in France. This is a spontaneous and localised form of collective movement expressing discontent, dissent, or harmony with a particular purpose or institution. Parisian neighbourhoods, specifically those with high recognition of immigrants and minorities, have been the scenes of many Street protests in Parisian neighbourhoods that have challenged the authorities and mainstream society. Some of the most perfect ones are:

  • The 2020 police brutality protests: These protests began in May 2020 as a protest against police brutality and racism, induced by the valuable resource of the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by way of a white police officer in Minneapolis, USA. The protests, which worried people of colour, human rights activists, and anti-racist companies, came about in several towns in France; however, they were explicitly significant and emotional in Paris. The protesters, who denounced the systemic and structural racism and violence that affected the Black and Muslim groups in France, marched peacefully, chanted slogans, and held signs and banners. The protests also highlighted the times of Adama Traoré, a Black guy who died in police custody in 2016, and Cédric Chouviat, a shipping motive force who died after being pinned down by the police in 2020

These avenue Street protests in Parisian neighbourhoods have shown the anger and the resilience of human beings’ voices, as well as the oppression and injustice they face.


France is a country that has a prolonged and wealthy manner of lifestyle of resistance to authoritarianism in France . From the French Revolution to the Resistance, from the May 1968 occasions to the present day, French human beings have continually fought for their rights, dignity, and freedom. In this newsletter, we showcased some of the most excellent examples of the way French citizens are standing as much as oppression in distinct tactics.

Whether it is through political demonstrations, social movements, or road protests, they have confirmed their creativity, braveness, anger, and resilience in the face of disturbing situations and injustices. Their moves have inspired and stimulated many humans around the arena with equal values and aspirations. Resistance to authoritarianism in France is an ancient legacy, dwelling reality and future opportunity.



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