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Cryptoassets: The Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin & Beyond



Cryptoassets: The Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin & Beyond is a book  by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar that provides a comprehensive guide to investing in digital assets. Aimed at both beginners and experienced investors, the book provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging cryptocurrency market.

Parts of the book:

1. This book is divided into his three parts. The first part provides an overview of the cryptocurrency market, including the history of digital currency development  and an analysis of  key industry players.

2. The second part provides an in-depth analysis of  major crypto-assets and emerging altcoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The authors provide a comprehensive analysis of each asset, including its history, technology and potential uses. Investing in assets involves risks, opportunities, market volatility, regulatory challenges.

3. Part 3 of this book offers practical advice for investors, including tips on evaluating potential investments and managing risk. The authors provide  detailed analysis of various investment strategies such as buy and hold, dollar cost averaging and active trading.

Global financial system:

One of the main themes of this book is the potential of crypto-assets to transform the global financial system. Authors argue crypto-assets represent distributed trust and control across nodes, not centralized institutions. This has significant implications for industries that rely on intermediaries such as banks and insurance companies.

Promoting financial inclusion:

Another important aspect of the book is its emphasis on the potential of crypto-assets to promote financial inclusion. Crypto-assets offer financial services to billions underserved by traditional banking systems.


Overall, Cryptoassets: The Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin & Beyond is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to understand the potential of the emerging cryptocurrency market. Whether you are a novice investor or a seasoned professional, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of the crypto landscape and practical advice for investing in this exciting new field.




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